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Kala Nera - Pelion Greece

Holidays and Travel in Kala Nera - Pelion

Though the Pelion peninsula is covered with pircturesque and pretty villages, spread out amongst the mountains and the coastline each offering their own unique charms and inspiration, none of them can truly compare to the natural beauty and the perfect setting of the famous coastal village of Kala Nera.

Situated along a gorgeous stretch of sandy beach on the blue waters of the Pagasitic Gulf, Kala Nera offers visitors an ideal setting from which to enjoy and experience all of the magic of Pelion.

The village's name actually translates as meaning "Good Waters" (Kala meaning Good and Nera meaning waters). This, however, will be evident the moment you arrive and set eyes on the glistening sea, as it laps up against the soft sandy beach.

The waters here in Kala Nera have even been awarded the "Blue Flag" by the European Union, in recognition of the exceptionally clean waters, and beautiful beach.

Kala Nera is a very picturesque village, and is a perfect combination of sea, mountain and an immense array of colours. It is also an ideal base from which visitors can venture out and explore the many remarkable areas of the peninsula.

At the south point of the sandy beach, is the boundary between Kala Nera and the neighbouring village of Koropi. This boundary actually take the form of the "Belegrino Stream".

The village of Ano Lehonia, which is close by, is where visitors can take a trip on "Moutzouris-Smudgy", the famous steam train of Pelion.

This is a very beautiful and inspiring journey across ravines, stone bridges and beautiful landscapes, and one which every visitor to Pelion should try to take.

Kala Nera has a very well organised infrastructure for tourism, and there is a great selection of accommodation here in the form of hotels, apartments and rooms to let. There are also a nice choice of restaurants and tavernas, as well as cafes and bars.

During the popular summer months, there are several festivals that takeplace in the village, and to which everyone is welcome to attend. The main celebration of the year is on the 15th August, where the festival of Panagia (The Holy Mother) takes place. Here you can join in with the celebrations and enjoy the wine and traditional dance and music.

Kala Nera is the perfect destination for your holidays in Pelion, and is one of the prettiest villages in the region. Kala Nera is where you will make new friends, experience new traditions, and take home with you truly happy and special memories that will stay with you forever.

Kala Nera Greece
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